How to avoid 90+% of ALL heating or cooling system failures.


From Wilson Air Conditioning Service Technician – Jimmy McWhorter.

Dirt. Five year olds love it, plants can’t live without it, and your’re breathing it in every day. Not just breathing it in – you’re paying to inhale the largest cause of home’s duct and allergy problems.

You’re probably thinking that’s an exaggeration.  But the simple truth is that you are paying to run your heating and cooling system, more and more as the weather gets colder or soon – warmer.  And since dirt is the number one cause of system failure – 90% of all failures, in fact- chances are good that dirt is keeping your system from running at peak efficiency.

Before you invest in a family set of gas masks or prepare for a nomadic existence in the Sahara (hey, at least then you’t be paying  for the dirt), you might want to give your heating and cooling professional a call!

“Your system works hard,” says Jimmy McWhorter, it gets dirty and has to be cleaned regularly.  Scheduling the maintenance for your home’s heating and cooling systems is as important as changing the oil in your car – if you don’t do it, eventually you’ll have a breakdown.”

There are a few questions to ask yourself before having your system cleaned:

  • How long has it been since your HVAC system was cleaned? Systems should have regular tune-ups, which most companies can schedule with a Maintenance Agreement (or include cleaning with our Platinum Energy Saver’s Club membership)
  • Are there pets in the home?
  • Do any family members experience burning eyes, nose, or throat while in the house?
  • Does your climate have high humidity?
  • Do any family members show symptoms of mild to severe allergies?

Jimmy says “System failure caused by dirt, as well as expensive repairs, can be avoided with a little preventative maintenance. Most people don’t realize how much money they will save by making sure their system is clean and runs efficiently.”

Learning the precautions are part of Wilson’s effort to educate the public on how to save time, energy, and money.  Wilson Air Conditioning Service wants to show homeowners certain neglected maintenance items  can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs and/or complete system replacement.

You can get Jimmy out to inspect your system, plus receive other energy saving tips by call us at 770-943-1613 or visiting


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