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A Little info on Heat Pumps

Are heat pumps really a cost effective investment in the home? Do heat pumps really double as air conditioning units?  Among residential homeowners, an assortment of fallacies surrounds the heat pump. An understanding the benefits and functions of the heat pump enables the savvy consumer to make an informed decision. A premier west metro Atlanta HVAC company debunks myths behind the heat pump.

MYTH: Heat pumps emit hot air, only.

Heat pumps work like heating and cooling system. During warmer temperatures, the heat pump emits hot air outside, reversing the transfer of cold air outdoors in the winter. Heat pumps do not work well for temperatures below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. However, these heating and cooling systems conserve energy as the heat pump generates up to three times more heat than the energy it actually consumes.

MYTH: Switching over to a heat pump guarantees a definite energy savings.

Upgrading an HVAC system to a heat pump does not guarantee an automatic savings.  Wilson Air Conditioning Service, Inc. asserts that four factors are attributable to a heat pump’s efficiency: Climate combined with the electricity rate, fuel efficiency of both the heat pump and HVAC system – all influence overall energy savings.

MYTH: New heat pumps and air conditioners are not any more energy efficient than older models.

On the contrary, newer heat pumps and air conditioners offer substantial efficiency to outmoded models. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) measures the cooling efficiency of air conditioners and heat pumps. A higher SEER rating affords better efficiency. Units more than 8 years old generally have a SEER rating of 7.0 or less. Meanwhile, a 16.0 SEER is a common feature among high efficiency models.

MYTH:  All Atlanta HVAC contractors provide the same caliber of heat pump installation and maintenance service.

Spanning more than four decades, Wilson Air Conditioning Service has been providing a full menu of heating and cooling services in the west metro Atlanta area. From designing to maintaining heat pumps, furnaces, condensers, air conditioners and other Heating and cooling components, Wilson Air Conditioning Service, Inc. is synonymous with the best Atlanta HVAC company, serving:  Powder Springs, Marietta, Hiram, Dallas, and all of the west Atlanta area.

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A little info if you call us for service!

This is what you can expect from our NATE certified service technician on each and every visit to your home or office –


You have a choice in Heating and Cooling companies, so thank you for choosing  Wilson Air Conditioning Service, Inc.

Today I’m here to honor your choice by delivering a great service experience.

A lot of companies “talk” service, but we put a brief explanation in writing. Of course, you can ask me what you want while I’m here too.

I hope this sheet helps to explain…


1)  Why we’re here

2)  What we’re doing to your system

3)  How we charge

4)  How you can avoid (yes, avoid) unnecessary service calls.

5)  What we expect.

Please know that my desire is to make sure we’ve handled your comfort needs promptly and to the best of my ability.


NATE Certified HVAC Technician


1. Why we’re here – Most calls are from customers or referrals (which we love!) and ads. From your call, we get a description of your problem or need. Then a well-trained technician is scheduled and dispatched (that’s me) with the parts and tools for a quick solution!


2. What we’re doing to your system – Once we arrive, we may ask you questions to help us pinpoint the problem. Just like your doctor, we may ask you to describe your system’s “ailment”.


You may see us use various measuring, metering, or adjustment tools. (You’re welcome to watch.) Your system is, well, a system of inter-dependent parts. If one breaks or underperforms, your entire system suffers…right along with your comfort.


Our goal is your goal: To perform the right diagnosis and procedure to get your system running smoothly again!

3. How we chargeTune-ups and maintenance are generally a set fee. For repairs you get “Up Front Pricing” which means you’re given a repair price before we start the job. You either approve or decline. (Of course, if declined, charges to determine the problem apply.) Replacement or new systems are also figured using industry pricing guidelines.


  • Bottom Line: Unlike some others, you won’t “guess” what your comfort will cost with us!


4. How you can avoid service calls – Don’t get us wrong… we want to hear from you! But if we can save you from an unnecessary call (and the fee that goes with it) that’s good for us both.

  • Dirty Secret – The Number 1 reason for service problems is dirt and lack of maintenance! So a Seasonal Tune-Up is a smart way to avoid costly “mid season” repairs. Even better: Join our Energy Savers Club.
  • So Simple It’s Funny. The easiest maintenance precaution is changing filters. Simply pop off the cover, slide out the old filter and slide in the new one. (Unless you have a ‘media filter’.) We do this during seasonal tune ups, but you can do it in-between times for more peace-of-mind. Saves energy dollars too.
  • Maintenance doesn’t cost, it pays!


5. What we expect from you is communication! Whether you like our work or not, let us know.  We’d love to deliver satisfaction to your friends and neighbors, so spread the word!But if we mess up – and sometimes that happens – we want to make it right for you, so let us know. We can’t fix it if we don’t know, so please give us that opportunity. Your trust is too valuable to leave to chance. And most of all, Thank you!

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